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    Solar Halo, by Bob Keller




Text Box: All structures are temporary--all beings and non-beings sail through time and space within periods of growth, erosion, decay, collapse, disintegration, re-formation or rebirth.  Fern fronds, rock, ice, a flower petal, the surface of a stream, a seed, society, a nation--none will last forever and all today are transforming into something else.
Through my photographs I attempt to statically capture changing structures--those moments where change is obvious within structures that we too often look at as stable.
Ilya Prigogone, the Russian physicist, speaks of dissipative structures, forms that self-organize within dynamic systems but that eventually fall apart, a whirlpool being the illustrative example. I think all structures fall within this category, given time.
-- Bob Keller

Text Box: Bob's photography is available for purchase directly from the artist.  You can contact Bob by e-mailing him at contact@redstepgallery.com.

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