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Transitions in the Structures of Everyday Life

All structures are temporary--all beings and non-beings sail through time and space within periods of growth, erosion, decay, collapse, disintegration, re-formation or rebirth.  Fern fronds, rock, ice, a flower petal, the surface of a stream, a seed, society, a nation--none will last forever and all today are transforming into something else.

Through this series of photographs I am attempting to statically capture subjects either undergoing structural transition or in ways that represent the transitions.  I approach most of my subjects with the eye of a documentarian, wanting to capture it's environment, surfaces, forms and colors only as they are.  At times this approach leads me away from classical editorial depiction into something slightly different.  I believe, however, that the subjects and their details should ultimately speak for themselves.

Ilya Prigogone, the Russian physicist, speaks of dissipative structures, forms that self-organize within dynamic systems but that eventually fall apart, a whirlpool being the illustrative example. I think all structures fall within this category, given time.

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Eiffel Tower

1:00 AM Paris, France
Seasonal Shifts

Solar Halo & Teepee
A Morning Form

Virgin River, Utah
Death Begets Life: Salmon After the Spawn

Issaquah Creek, Washington
Renewing a Cycle

Palawan, Philippines
Mount Shuksan

North Cascades, Washington
Wave Action on Beach

Homer, Alaska

Varena, Italy
Lost Lake

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
From Seabed to Canyon Country

The Upper Gila River, New Mexico