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Links to Our Artist Friends . . .

Elsa Bluethner
Elsa’s passion to create led her into a twenty year career in fashion design, illustration and costuming. She then traded in her scissors for paint brushes and set off on a journey of self-expression, recreating on canvas her impressions of the places and people that enrich her life. Elsa paints in an impressionistic style, reflecting the awe inspired in her by the infinite subject matter found in nature and her everyday surroundings.

"Building C" Artists--Ballard
Building C is a community of 25-some artists all having studios in a former paint warehouse in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.  Their work is as diverse and rich as the neighborhood itself.

Richard Bulman
Richard's paintings, etchings and jewelry reflect his extensive travels throughout the world.  His most passionate areas of study have been ancient religious sites and the human form, both of which have provided him endless inspiration for his current work.

Diane Culhane
Diane is a ceramic artist and painter with a particular interest in "the strength of intuition of the unknown, the place of silence that color brings where words are lost."

Sue Danielson
Sue is a Seattle painter whose land and cityscapes allow her to explore her love of form and color while pursuing her ultimate artistic goal of finding simplicity in a complex world.

Signe Heggem-Davis
Much of Signe's painting is done "en plein aire, though she is a fine studio painter, as well. Signe is equally fluent in landscape, figure work and still life.

Kathleen Frugé-Brown
Kathleen is a painter and printmaker with a long-standing interest in landscape, particularly that of the river and lush forest surrounding her Pacific Northwest studio.   (www.kathleenfrugebrown.com)

Brian Fey
Brian lives on a beautiful expanse of property in Mexico where he continues to expand his wonderfully diverse portfolio of paintings. (portfolio-1, portfolio-2)

Kim Graham
Kim is a figurative sculptor's sculptor. She creates both figurative and fanciful sculptures in clay that range from unique fine art pieces to large architectural ceramic projects.

Robert Hardgrave
Inspired by experiences of disease and recovery, Roberts paintings are intricate creations filled with personal symbols, reflecting ideas of reincarnation and the richness of life beyond death.

Virginia Howlett
Virginia creates paintings and installations inspired by the ephemeral qualities of landscape.

Andrea K Lawson
"Voluptuous paint in vibrant gestures" is how Andrea describes her love for painting.  Her art is inspired by dance and the lines and forms of the human body.  And don't forget color!

Margot Lovinger
Margot is a fabric artist par exellance.  Her figurative art quilts have received such responses as, "You have raised art quilting to a higher level", not to mention, "Magnificent", "Amazing!" and "Wow!".  Please take a look for yourself. (www.margotlovinger.com)

Kelly Lyles
Kelly is a Seattle artist who not only makes fabulous art, but wears and drives it as well.  Kelly and her art have been featured in magazines, newspapers and on TV, and a visit to her web site is an introductory treat.  You can even enjoy a 360-degree inside view of her studio!  Kelly is the hub of current-events information for Seattle-area artists, and a request to be added to her e-mail list (along with a suggested $20 donation--for a year's subscription) is all you need to keep in the know.

Wendy Lee Lynds
Wendy is both an awesome artist and an awesome person who works in collage, encaustic and monotypes, and in her words is "crazy for abstract expressionism".  Wendy has two blogs where you can see her work and read her musings.

Joe Mac Kechnie
Though Joe is an artist of many mediums and many subjects, his distinctive style reflects his enthusiasm for all that his mediums and subjects encompass. “My purpose,” Joe writes, “is to isolate, depict and capture the essence of a subject. I seek qualities that are elusive, difficult to discover and portray. Painting for me is about sharing my view as I witness and savor the visual moment.”

Megan Meyers
Megan's creations include both fine art and murals.  Her art has taken her as far away as Balize where her work appears on the walls of an orphanage.  Visit her site to read more...and enjoy her art!

Vaho Muskheli
Vaho grew up in the Republic of Georgia where he spent ten years studying at the Art College of Jacob Nicoladze--the renowned sculptor and pupil of Rodin--and then at the prestigious Georgian State Academy of Fine Arts.  He now lives in the United States where he paints his monumental canvases of imagined landscapes and representational figures--each work producing a powerful visual and emotional viewing experience.

Darrell Peart
Darrell is a master furniture maker in the style of Greene & Greene and the American Arts and Crafts Movement.  In addition to building furniture in his West Seattle shop, he has written many articles and an authoritative book, Greene and Greene: Design Elements for the Workshop.

Amy Pleasant
Though formally trained in design, Amy's first love is painting. Her work is characterized by bright, opaque color and strong outlines, and everyday objects and experiences are her favorite subjects.

Maya Radoczy
Maya casts, fuses and blows glass in her marvelous glass studio located in Seattle's Maple Leaf district--from tiny ornamental creations to monumental architectural glass projects.

Melanie Reed
Melanie is a most gifted collage artist with an emphasis on the surreal.  "Although it is not always an easy process," she writes, "I continue to believe surrealist collage to be a powerful tool for tapping into the ever-changing yet quintessentially human preoccupations of the subconscious."

Giuseppe Rossi
Giuseppe is an Italian artist based in Rome.  His paintings are nature-inspired, including beautifully rendered representational landscapes as well as abstracted details of the subjects he knows so well.  Click here to drop in on one of his shows via YouTube.

Victor Sirotin
Finding his inspiration in the ancient traditions of China, Sumer, Egypt and Greece, Victor sculpts primarily in bronze.  Acclaimed in Russia, Victor now continues his work in Seattle as a sculptor, painter, writer and teacher.

Robin Siegl
Robin paints primarily in oils and draws her inspiration from the industrial waterfront.  "I see surprisingly beautiful, enormous, man-made heavy objects that seem to float lightly on the water. But, over a long period of time, only the water will survive; what is man-made will disappear."

Gillian Theobald
Gillian's paintings explore interior worlds, "reflected in sources as diverse as the movement in fabric, the cellular worlds of anatomy and chemistry, and being drawn to arcing and circular imagery rife in the radiation therapy room."

Kristy Yawman
Kristy is an all-round inspiration, and her art is definitely from the heart.  In addition to having Down Syndrome and being a dedicated artist, Kristy writes, "I am a coffee drinker and I collect seashells and go camping...am an intellectual and I like candies and toys...singing and dancing and dating and parties and being romantic and making music lyrics... I do have a pacemaker and I am a motivational speaker and like being funny."




Artist Trust
Artist Trust is a not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to supporting Washington State artists working in all creative disciplines.

Art Access
Art Access provides monthly listings for the visual arts, dance, music and theater--primarily for the greater Seattle area.  Their site also presents original art, poetry, reviews and literature.

Artist Opportunities
Provided here are links to web sites listing Calls to Artists:

     Kelly Lyles' "Seattle Art Scene" e-mail list
     (Suggested donation $20/year--use the "Donate" button)



     www.artopportunitiesmonthly.com   ($20/year)


























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